A Triadic Ballet/ costume and
set design

· Date: 2010
· Genre: Modern Dance
· Concept and realization: Felipe González Cabezas, Calle de Hoog, Nicky de Jong, Daphne Karstens, Liesje Knobel, Sanne Lips, Sarah Nixon
·Dance: Julie van den Cruyssen, Karin Frankel, Mandy Koenraads, Roma Koolen, Angela Rabaglio, Mar- linde Vos, Sjifra Ijpma
· Date premiered: Saturday 23 october, ¨Grote Zaal¨- Theatre school, Amsterdam
· Description: Almost a century ago Oskar Schlemmer made a Bauhaus ballet with costumes made of wire, cardboard and papier mache, using primary shapes and colors. He himself called it a mathematical ballet: exact, geometric, mechanical. In search of the essence of the human body. Can man be transformed in to geometric shapes without losing his humanness? A triadic Ballet in the twenty-first century.

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