Der Die Das/ set design

· Date: 2011
· Genre: Modern Dance
· Concept and choreography: Simon Tanguy
· Dance: Olivia Reschofsky, Jan Barta and Carles Cassalachs
· Music: Christoph Scherbaum
· Light design: Pablo Fontdevila
· Date premiered: 12 Nov 2011, 25 jaar Het Veem Theater
· Description: ¨Within the same day, I found myself, loosing my road, finding new ideas, taking back what I said, loosing what I thought I was sure to have. My being is constantly changing while staying exactly the same. The same different people that you meet in the same different countries. Don’t you feel it as well? In Der Die Das, three dancers dance, sing, slap each other, roll, move ecstatically, congratulate themselves, go from form to sensation. They dance as a radio transmitter where frequencies, musical physicality’s come and go. They dance as they lose, as they leave all that they create.¨ Simon Tanguy

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