Dolhuys Kermis
(A Madhouse Fair)
/ set design

· Date: 2012, 2013
· Genre: Opera
· Team: Stage director - Serge van Veggel, Conductor - Hernán Schvartzman, Texts - René M. Broeders and Pim van Alten, Scenography - Herbert Janse, Dymph Boss, Felipe González Cabezas, Roelof Pothuis, Light - Uri Rapaport, Costumes - Joost van Wijmen 
· Artistic Management: Lionel Meunier (Artistic manager Vox Luminis), Hernán Schvartzman (Musical manager OPERA2DAY), Serge van Veggel (Artistic manager OPERA2DAY) 
· Concept development and compilation: Serge van Veggel
· Singers: Vox Luminis: Sopraan - Lauren Armishaw, Michaela Riener, Zsuzsi Tóth, Counter-tenor - Jan Kullmann, Tenor - Robert Buckland, Raffaele Giordani, Bas - Lionel Meunier
· Actors: Medical director - René M. Broeders, Porter - Pim van Alten, Patient Patrick - Martin Snip
· Baroque Ensemble OPERA2DAY: Viola da gamba - Catherine Bahn, Ricardo Rodríguez Miranda, Harpsichord - Jorge López-Escribano, Claudio A. Barduco Ribeiro, Theorbo - Christian Gutiérrez, Jan Čižmář
· Date and place premiered: 21 june 2012, NEBO Hospital building, The Hague 
· Baroque Ensemble OPERA2DAY: A guided tour of the local psychiatric hospital, during which you can view and even touch the patients. Gawp at your fellow humans - for a price. Unimaginable? Yet, from the 15th to 18th centuries, this actually occurred at the so-called madhouses during the annual ‘Madhouse Fair’. In 2012, OPERA2DAY revived this astonishing historical phenomenon in a collaboration with vocal ensemble Vox Luminis. In the former NEBO Hospital building on Scheveningseweg in The Hague, visitors embarked on a musical journey past a series of heart-rending portraits. The combination of vocal masterpieces with engaging theatre in such an unusual setting was a big hit with both the press and the public. 

Review of Dolhuys Kermis

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graphic desing: Shilpi Ahmed-van der Pool

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graphic desing: Shilpi Ahmed-van der Pool