Homo Sapiens/ light and video design

· Genre: physical theatre
· Idea: conceived and performed by: Igor Vrebac
· Coaching and final direction: Maarten Lok
· Mask: Guillaume, Breathcatchers
· Date and placed premiered: 23 may 2014, RRRReuring | Podium Mozaïek, Amsterdam (NL)
· Description: In Homo Sapiens a masculine man seeks his truth, tries to find answers and solutions to his existence. Who is he, what has his sexuality to do with it? Does he have to choose, accept or deny who he is? To answer his questions, he must give in to that what he has always been: a normal man.
This physical and imaginary theater solo symbolizes a quest for the normal man; the homo sapiens that lies within every homosexual man, but is hardly seen by society. It is time to take off masks and celebrate yourself as the newest epicenter of normality.
“Maybe the target nowadays is not to discover what we are, but to refuse what we are.”
― Michel Foucault

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photo: Andrea Galad, graphic design: Jelle Pothoven


graphic design: Jelle Pothoven