Japan/costume design

· Date: 2011
· Genre: Performance/Modern dance
· Concept and Choreography: Simon Tanguy
· Dance: Simon Tanguy
· Date and place premiered: 09 Sep 2011, Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam
· Awards: ITS Festival 2011 best choreography
· Description: Japan is an exploration of the agony, the research of its physical and poetic vocabulary. It means exploring the contraction, the release, the fainting, the waking-up, the coma, the own fight, the collapse, the fall, the resurrection, the slow death, the fast death, the testament. Tanguy adds states with the agony such the amnesia, the anxious, “the one that doesn’t want to leave”. Then, he adds the swing dance, the suspension, rhythmical movement and fast cadence. Theses three physical territories (agony-states-swing) are connected and disconnected in the choreographic structure to create a surrealist universe. The motivation of the project is to come back to the potentiality of the body an its ability to be dense, intense, poetic and violent.

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