Megalopolis (Passages)
/ set design, light, staging

· Date: 2012
· Genre: Music Theatre
· Musical Composition: Assaf Gidron 
· Scenography: Felipe González Cabezas (setting, light, staging) & Daphne Karstens (costume, staging)
· Dirigenten: Manoj Kamps (Den Haag), Karel Deseure (Amsterdam)
· Musicians: Kelly Kicken (flute, piccolo) /Susanne Peters (flute, piccolo) /Sarah Jeffery (recorder) /Daniel Boeke (clarinet, bass clarinet) /Silvan Kaiser (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet) /Femke Steketee (alto saxophone) /Jonas Tschanz (alto and baritone saxophone) /Joost Geevers (trombone) /Mervyn Groot (percussion) /Anna Mikhailova (koto) /Mariana Hutchinson (violin) /Caleb Salgado (bass, tubular bells)
· Date and place premiered: 14 april 2012, Kees van Baarenzaal, Royal Conservatory, The Hage. 23 april 2012, Muziekgebouw aan ´t IJ, Amsterdam
· Description: This project was a collaboration between the The Amsterdam School of the Arts and the György Ligeti Academy in which three world premieres by composers of the Academy were staged by seven designers from the Theatre School in a full-length music theater piece divided in three acts. I worked for the opening act. The set and the music were conceived at the same time: abstraction, light, alignment. An enigmatic ritual consisting in the exploration of the space, formed though by two big walls and a rounded platform where the world opens up with lines described on the ground.

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