Peggy Pickit
(sees the face of God)

/ set design

· Date: 2013
· Genre: Drama
· Written by: Roland Schimmelpfennig
· Translation, editing and directing: Hilde Tuinstra
· Dramaturgy: Susanne Visser
· Date premiered: 28 may 2013, Grote Zaal, Theatre School, Amsterdam
· Play: Thomas Oerlemans, Lottie de Bruijn, Lotte Dunselman, Jakob Nieuwenhuijsen
· Costumes design: Daphne Karstens
· Light: Bart van den Heuvel
· Sound: Timo Merkies
· Production: Simone Scholts · Argument: The reunion of two couples that see each other after years, since one of them left their hometown to live in Africa. “Peggy Pickit sees the face of God” is about the desire to be a part of something, to be recognized and sincerely to have the best intentions. How we compare ourselves with each other and always longing for that ‘other thing´. Life choices, idealism, cynicism and hope, collide for a long evening to clash
· Description of the set: A wall that separates two worlds, only connected with a garage door. On one side, Africa: the unknown. On the other side the space that belongs to the hosts: an uncomfortable delimitated space; a space with vocation of eternal waiting room, that becomes a kind of combat arena. In front and behind the wall, two empty chairs that wait for the lost children of both couples: the invisible witnesses of the whole situation

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