Yourself: Another One/ direction, set, light, video, sound and costume design

· Date: 2013
· Genre: Performance/Installation
· Nominations: Finalist for the best Graduation -piece- Price Amsterdam School of the Arts 2013
· Cast: Igor Vrebac, Jubin Zabihi, Matías Daporta González, Thomas Lloyd, Laryssa Kim
· Date and place premiered: 24 january 2013, Grote Zaal, Theatre School, Amsterdam
· Description: This performance installation consists of various art media, with a use of the theatrical space as a Black Box, Tableau Vivant or living painting. Because of the diversity of the work, it can be described in different ways: a stylized theater that plays with perception and time. An associative narrative, created by the staging of moving images, where the role of the spectator is taken as central element, both thematically and physically. This happens from a thematic point of view because it is about the perception of the individual in society. Physically, because the audience is integrated into the setup, as one of the elements of the scenic space

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graphic design: Felipe González Cabezas